Passifloraceae sensu stricto from Parque Estadual Cachoeira da Fumaça, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Abstract The “Parque Estadual Cachoeira da Fumaça” (PECF) is located between Alegre and Ibitirama, region of Caparaó, South of Espírito Santo, protecting springs and remnants of a preserved section of the Braço Norte Direito river, affluent of the Itapemirim river. In this work, we are presented the species of Passifloraceae stricto sensu in the PECF. The family is represented for the genus Passiflora with six species: Passiflora alata, P. amethystina, P. capsularis, P. edulis, P. porophylla and P. speciosa. Descriptions, photos, geographic distribution data and palinotaxonomy, in addition taxonomic comments are presented.