Panel of natural pathologies associated with loss of nutritional status in cetaceans stranded in the Canary Islands (2006–2012).

A) Cerebral herpesvirus infection (animal no. 165; S. coeruleoalba). Lymphocytic encephalitis with perivascular cuffing and gliosis. H&E. Inset: Focal eosinophilic intranuclear inclusion body (arrowhead). H&E. B) Atlanto-occipital osteoarthritis (animal no. 165; S. coeruleoalba). Marked, chronic osteoarthritis and synovitis with cartilage loss at the cranial articular facets of atlas vertebra. C) Nephrolithiasis (animal no. 127; Delphinus delphis). Severe nephrolithiasis with hydronephrosis, proximal hydroureter and chronic renicular disease with atrophy and hypertrophy. D) Ciliate protozoal lymphadenitis (animal no. 94; S. bredanensis). Pyogranulomatous and necrotizing prescapular lymphadenitis with numerous intralesional ciliate protozoan. H&E. Inset: Detail of ciliate protozoon surrounded by neutrophils and necrotic cell debris, and lymphocytes. H&E.