Pair-wise comparisons for main effects during the intervention period ˆ.


single dose terlipressin = sTP; multiple dose terlipressin = mTP; Group numbers indicate nature of comparison. A positive difference means that group one had a higher value than group 2. The number under %difference represents the percentage of difference between the two groups. A negative difference means that group 2 had a higher value. For example, mean arterial pressure (MAP) was higher with mTP or STP than vehicle. SE = standard error; CBF = coronary blood flow; CO = cardiac output; CVP = central venous pressure; HR = heart rate; IBF = iliac blood flow; MAP = mean arterial pressure; MBF = mesenteric blood flow; RBF = renal blood flow; RVC = renal vascular conductance; TPC = total peripheral conductance.

*All values represent P values after Bonferroni adjustment.