Organizational commitment and job satisfaction: a study with municipal civil servants

<p></p><p>Abstract This study aims to analyze the relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction among civil servants of city halls. The theoretical platform that was used to approach organizational commitment was based on the model of Meyer and Allen (1991), validated in Brazil by Medeiros and Enders (1998). Regarding job satisfaction, the construct of Siqueira (1995, 2008) was used. For research development, the quantitative approach was chosen, being the data collected using research instruments derived from scales validated for these constructs. The methods used in the comparison of averages were t test and Anova, and in the evaluation of relationships, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses and structural equation modeling. The associations between the constructs showed that affective dimension of commitment shows a significant relation with satisfaction. In the same way, but with a negative relation, the normative dimension also shows relation with job satisfaction, indicating the higher the normative commitment of employees, the lower their satisfaction. As for the instrumental dimension, there was no relation with satisfaction. The results showed that civil servants of city halls feel satisfied when they are affectively committed and dissatisfied if their commitment is only to comply with norms.</p><p></p>