OpenPCR and Thermo PCR Sprint Thermal Cyclers testing

2012-08-22T22:53:04Z (GMT) by Anthony Salvagno
<p>Included are both raw (*.txt) and manipulated (*.xls) data files. Images enclosed were taken from the excel data files. Each machine (OpenPCR and Thermo PCR Sprint) was run twice with a program designed to create PCR fragments of a custom plasmid called pALS (developed by the KochLab and ordered through DNA 2.0). One run was measured with a temperature probe in water, and the second run was measured with the temperature probe in mineral oil. The temperatures were recorded using software and equipment developed by TE Tech.</p> <p>The PCR programs are as follows:</p> <p>Thermo: Melt @ 95; Anneal @ 52; Extend @ 69</p> <p>OpenPCR: Melt @ 93; Anneal @ 52; Extend @ 69</p> <p>Notice that for PCR Sprint, programmed T does not match recorded T. OpenPCR programmed T is actually very close to recorded T.</p>