Online engagement practices of the Transforming Genetic Medicine Initiative

2017-06-19T14:41:01Z (GMT) by Eva Amsen
Poster summarising the online engagement activities of the TGMI in its first year. Presented 15 June 2017 at the ICR conference.

The Transforming Genetic Medicine Initiative (TGMI) is a multi-disciplinary group of scientific and clinical experts from the ICR and other institutes. The goal of the TGMI is to design, develop, and deliver foundational resources to enable genetic medicine to be safe and effective. This also ties into efforts of the ICR-based Mainstreaming Cancer Genetics programme, which is making genetic testing part of routine cancer patient care.

Part of the TGMI’s mission is to clearly communicate our work and goals. Since the start of the programme in 2016, the TGMI has maintained an online presence, with a website, mailing list and social media. The website ( ) contains links to published papers and resources, explains the programme’s purpose and plans, and has a blog that is updated weekly with topics related to the TGMI. Users can receive updates from the TGMI blog via a mailing list or through Twitter.

The TGMI website also serves as a digital calling card, through which we have made new connections with like-minded researchers, clinicians and others who are interested in genetic medicine, including cancer genetics. Over the next few years, the programme will roll out tools and establish standards that will benefit a large number of people. By connecting with users through online communication, we are able to gather community feedback as we develop our resources and can collect metrics to quantify our level of success in our own engagement practices.