ONS Open Melting Point Collection ONSMP029

This Dataset ONSMP029 (2706 unique compounds, 7413 measurements) is from a project to collect and curate melting points made available as Open Data. This particular collection was selected from the application of a threshold to favor the likelihood of reliability. Specifically, the entire range of averaged values for a data point was set to 0.01 C to 5 C, with at least two different measurements within this range. Measurements were pooled and processed from the following sources: Alfa Aesar, MDPI, Bergstrom, PhysProp, DrugBank, Bell, Oxford MSDS, Hughes, Griffiths and the Chemical Information Validation Spreadsheet. Links to all the information sources and web services are available from the Open Melting Point Resource page: http://onswebservices.wikispaces.com/meltingpoint