Nursing diagnoses from ICNP® for people with metabolic syndrome

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective: To construct nursing diagnosis statements based on the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®) for people with metabolic syndrome, settled on the theoretical framework of Basic Human Needs. Method: Descriptive study developed in four stages: 1) Identification and validation of terms relevant to care with health priority; 2) Cross-mapping of the terms identified with ICNP® terms; 3) Construction of the nursing diagnosis statements; and 4) Cross-mapping of constructed statements with the ones in ICNP®. Results: Regarding terms extracted, 370 were validated based on the consensus (100%) among specialists, subsidizing the elaboration of 52 nursing diagnosis statements from ICNP® version 2015, distributed among the Basic Human Needs proposed by theoretical framework. Conclusion: It was possible to construct nursing diagnoses for people with metabolic syndrome based on the terms extracted from the literature, with a predominance of the need for “Health education and learning”.</p></div>