Numerical Analysis of Geometrically Non-Linear Behavior of Functionally Graded Shells

2017-12-27T02:42:00Z (GMT) by J. Mars S. Koubaa M. Wali F. Dammak

Abstract In this paper, a geometrically nonlinear analysis of functionally graded material (FGM) shells is investigated using Abaqus software. A user defined subroutine (UMAT) is developed and implemented in Abaqus/Standard to study the FG shells in large displacements and rotations. The material properties are introduced according to the integration points in Abaqus via the UMAT subroutine. The predictions of static response of several non-trivial structure problems are compared to some reference solutions in order to verify the accuracy and the effectiveness of the new developed nonlinear solution procedures. All the results indicate very good performance in comparison with references.