Domain-general neural correlates of dependency formation: using complex tones to simulate language

In the corresponding study, we develop a new approach to mimic the interplay of sequential position as well as categorical and relational information in natural language syntax (word category and agreement) in a non-linguistic target detection paradigm using musical instruments. Participants were instructed to (covertly) detect target tones which were de fined by instrument change and pitch rise  between subsequent tones at the last two positions of four-tone sequences. We analysed the EEG using event-related averaging and time-frequency striking similarities to results obtained from linguistic experiments.<div>The sequences here are example stimuli of each condition in our experiment. We included two standard stimuli without targets and 2 examples of target sequences. The third tone in "target3-1/2.wav" and the fourth tone in "target3-1/2.wav" are target tones, i.e. tones played by a French Horn that have higher pitch than a preceding tone played by a Piano.</div>