Non-metric multidimensional scaling (MDS) plot of <i>Millepora platyphylla</i> population structure across the five surveyed habitats.

<p>Different shapes indicate the three transects for each habitat and grey lines show clusters given by dendogram based on Eucledian distance of 4 at a stress level of 0.09. The surimposed red lines define the Eucledian distance coefficient on normalized data based on Spearman ranking, with each vector having lengths ≥ 0.4: density, cover, distribution index, mean neighborhood distance, mean height and size of adults, and proportion of recruits (< 1 cm<sup>2</sup>), juveniles (1–20 cm<sup>2</sup>) and adults (> 20 cm<sup>2</sup>). The second transect of the fringing reef is shown as a single group mostly related to a small population size (i.e. 27 colonies, <a href="" target="_blank">S2 Table</a>).</p>