Non-Thermal Plasma Induced Total Mineralization of Glyphosate in Water in the Presence of Iron II Ions

The present work focused on the mineralization of herbicide glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine) (C3H8NO5P) in aqueous phase by Glidarc plasma following the orthophosphates released and the reduction of the total organic carbon (TOC). Furthermore, the effect of initial concentration, pH and the degradation process of glyphosate in the presence of Fe2+ were also examined. The results showed that the efficiency of degradation increased with the presence of ferrous ions as catalysts in aqueous medium and also the release of orthophosphate is more efficient in acid medium with pH range of 3.5-6.3. The kinetics of the release of orthophosphate and the TOC removal obey the first order rate law. The ninhydrin and orthophosphates tests showed that the degradation of glyphosate in water by Glidarc plasma was mainly by OH and NO attacked with C–N and C–P bond cleavage leading to complete mineralization.