No large-scale chromosomal translocation in cells carrying additional FtsK K997A mutation.

<p>A: Time-lapse images showing DAPI (top row) and HupA-mCherry labelled chromosomes (middle row). Arrows point to location of cell division plane. Phase images for the same cell are shown in the bottom row. Scale bar is 2 μm. B: Normalized intensity from DAPI and HupA-mCherry labels during cell division for the cell shown in panel A. C: Initial vs final normalized intensity from DAPI label in strain JM38 (Δ<i>slmA</i> Δ<i>minC</i> Δ<i>zapB ftsK K997A</i>). Only cells whose length is smaller than 10 μm have been analyzed. Solid diagonal line corresponds to cases where the DNA amount in smaller daughter compartment remains unchanged during division. Dashed horizontal lines correspond to final normalized intensities of 0, 25, 33 and 50%. N = 13.</p>