New species, taxonomy, phylogeny, and distribution of the tropical tribe Bothriomirini (Insecta: Heteroptera: Miridae: Cylapinae). Supplementary Material

Bothriomirini is a small tropical mirid tribe that has not been comprehensively revised nor has monophyly of the tribe and included genera been tested. This paper presents a systematic review of Bothrioimrini. <i>Bothriomirella ater </i><b>gen. nov. sp. nov.</b>, <i>Bothriomiris lorenzatoae </i><b>sp. nov.</b>, <i>Dashymenia javanensis </i><b>sp. nov.</b><i>, Dashymenia jaydeni </i><b>sp. nov. </b>are described as new to science. A phylogenetic analysis of Bothriomirini based on morphological data is performed. The diagnoses of the tribe and most of its genera are discussed. <i>Bakeriola crassicornis </i>Poppius, <i>Bothriomiris lugubris </i>Poppius, <i>Bothriomiris ornatus </i>Bergroth, <i>Dashymeniella tibialis </i>Poppius and <i>Leprocapsus scutellaris </i>Poppius are redescribed. Female genitalia of Bothrimirini are discussed for the first time. This study supports the monophyly of the tribe and most genera and docu­ments remarkable heterogeneity of the female genitalia. New locality data and a discussion of the distribu­tion of Bothriomirini in relation to major biomes and climatic zones are provided.