New Data, New Metrics: How and When They can be Used [NWB'2016 presentation slides]

2016-11-23T10:27:03Z (GMT) by Euan Adie

The advent of digitization and open science is accelerating the pace of research activity, communication and evaluation. This is also producing many more “signals” across the research process. Inputs such as the grants metadata and equipment use; outputs such as data sets, posters, patents, clinical trial results, and curated researcher profiles; indicators such as altmetrics, article and object-level metrics, and patent citations; and even case study accounts from the researchers themselves, can now be monitored and analysed.

Understanding these “signals” may help improve both the ways in which research is conducted and how the outcomes are measured and assessed. The latter is especially important with the increased pressure from government and the public to justify research investments and for institutions and researchers to properly articulate the stage-appropriate outcomes of research projects in social, economic and environmental contexts.

In his presentation, Euan Adie, founder of Digital Science portfolio company Altmetric, will discuss the nature of these “signals”: how institutions can work with funders, researchers and publishers to create research information frameworks. These frameworks may capture these “signals” and enrich them as funding is acquired, and as the research is conducted, results are produced, and its impacts felt.