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NSF-CSSI-2020-Poster: CSSI Element: Software: Multidimensional Fast Fourier Transforms on the path to Exascale

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posted on 05.02.2020 by Dmitry Pekurovsky
Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) is a ubiquitous tool in scientific simulations, from CFD to plasma, astrophysics, ocean modeling, materials research, medical imaging, molecular dynamics and many others. This CSSI projects aims at creating a highly efficient, scalable and portable library for FFTs in multiple dimensions. The prototype library is available as open source from http://www.p3dfft.net. It is designed to be highly adaptable to a high number of uses and platforms. This poster presents the efforts of the early stages of this work, namely designing and testing the core of the package and the types of use cases it is designed to handle.


NSF OAC-1835885