Multiband FSS with Fractal Characteristic Based on Jerusalem Cross Geometry

Abstract This paper proposes a new Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) with modifications on the Jerusalem Cross (JC) geometry to provide a multiband response. Fractal levels are created by introducing concentric self-similar JC copies in the original unit cell. This modification results in new dipoles at the structure which allows for the appearance of new bands proportional to these diploles’ lengths, while maintaining total unit cell size. Three fractal levels of the JC FSS are studied in this paper, and third level presents five resonant frequencies which are f1 = 1.78 GHz, f2 = 6.42 GHz, f3 = 8.69 GHz, f4 = 10.94 GHz and f5 = 12.98 GHz. Simulation results for the insertion loss (S21), surface current distribution and measurement results are presented.