Multi-objective optimization model of cancer metabolism

2019-05-24T18:41:29Z (GMT) by Ziwei Dai
List of files:

1. Pareto_Solutions.csv: Pareto solutions (i.e. metabolic flux configurations with Pareto optimality in maximizing ATP or biomass production and minimizing enzyme abundance or carbon uptake) sampled for the multi-objective optimization model for cancer metabolism. 42,930 solutions in total.

2. GSMM.xlsx: Information about the genome-scale metabolic model.

3. Monotonousness_Scores.xlsx: Monotonousness scores related to proliferation or the Warburg effect for all metabolic enzymes included in the model.

4. Targets_Information.xlsx: Information about the model-predicted targets.

5. Survival_Analysis_Complete.xlsx: Complete results of the survival analysis for metabolic genes.