Motivation chart as a supporting tool in pediatric dentistry

ABSTRACT Infant fear and anxiety are two feelings that cause stress in pediatric dental treatment. Many management techniques have been described in the literature, with the aim of controlling this anxiety and fear that are ultimately a big challenge for the dental surgeon. The aim of this study is to present a clinical case of a five-year-old child who would not cooperate with the dental treatment. To this end, an incentive chart was devised that is specific for treatment. The chart focuses on encouraging the child to comply with rules in the pediatric dentist office and, as the child completes his objectives, the chart is filled with happy faces and at the end of the appointment, depending on the outcome, the patient is rewarded with something. We concluded that the use of the incentive chart was particularly satisfactory in terms of the patient’s conduct and developing maturity over the course of his dental treatment and it may be an additional option to use as an adjunct in the approach to behavior in private or public dental clinics, and even in Universities.