Morphology of Salina offshore (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea)

<p>In this paper, we present the first complete morphological map of the Salina offshore at a scale of 1:100,000. The submarine flanks of the Salina edifice extend down to −650 to −1300 m, are steep and characterized by an uneven morphology due to the presence of volcanic and erosive-depositional features. The volcanic features cover ∼30% of the submarine portion and include volcanic cones and bedrock outcrops. The remaining ∼70% is affected by a wide series of erosive-depositional features. Among these, features related to Late Quaternary sea level fluctuations comprise the insular shelf surrounding the island and overlying submarine terraced depositional sequences. Mass-wasting features include landslide scars, channels, fan-shaped deposits and waveforms. The presented map provides useful insights for a better understanding of the morphological evolution of the edifice</p>