Molecular cloning and characterization of K12 gene-3

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Taken from "Molecular cloning and characterization of K12 gene"

BMC Microbiology 2003;3():2-2.

Published online 31 Jan 2003


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dues that are identical in all the displayed sequences are marked by asterisks, conserved residues are marked by dots and the four invariant residues (G, D, K and R) proposed for aminotransferases are bold and boxed. Abbreviations are: ArgD, acetylornithine delta-aminotransferase (ATase) (AAC76384); GoaG, 4-aminobutyric acid ATase (AAC74384); SpuC, putrescine:pyruvate ATase []; BioA, 7,8-diaminopelargonic acid synthetase (AAC73861).



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