Mobile assisted language learning and its impact on student motivation and acquisition

2017-01-10T04:33:10Z (GMT) by Askraba, Vedran
This study examined previous works relating to Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), outlined hypotheses it deemed logical, and examined their validity by evaluating the participation and experience of two groups of students; MALL and CALL. In order to achieve this objective, the Monash MALL System was built for the purpose of facilitating the two groups’ studies via their respective mediums (mobile phones and computers). The MALL students participated in a six week exercise program via the use of their mobile phones and SMS technology, while the CALL students participated in the same program via the use of their personal computers. The system was also built with the functionalities to serve tests and questionnaires, which were used in this study to retrieve students’ feedback as well as student retention scores after the study’s completion.