Mfap1 can be found in a complex with TDP-43.

<p>The indicated GFP-tagged Mfap1 constructs (or GFP only as a control) were cotransfected with HA-tagged TDP-43 plasmids into S2 cells and immunoprecipitated with antibodies against GFP. Precipitates were analysed by Western blotting with GFP antibodies to detect GFP fusion proteins, or HA antibodies to detect coprecipitated <sup>HA</sup>TDP-43. (A) Coimmunoprecipitation of <sup>HA</sup>TDP-43 with Mfap1-GFP.(B) Coimmunoprecipitations of <sup>HA</sup>TDP-43 with GFP-Mfap1<sup>1-229</sup> or GFP-Mfap1<sup>230-478</sup>. (C) Coimmunoprecipitation of <sup>HA</sup>TDP-43 lacking the glycine-rich region (<sup>HA</sup>TDP-43 Δgly) with Mfap1-GFP. For better comparison, these lanes are from the same blot and exposure as the experiment in (A). (D) Schematic summary of Mfap1 domain interactions. GFP bands in Mfap1-GFP samples are likely due to partial proteolysis after lysis.</p>