Meat quality of finishing feedlot lambs fed diets of assorted sorghum cultivars

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT This study aimed to evaluate the influence of diets containing silage of different sorghum cultivars on the physical and chemical characteristics in the meat of lambs. Thirty five animals of undefined breed with average age between 5 and 7 months and average body weight of 17. 7±3.7kg were used. The lambs were randomly assigned to five treatments (sorghum silage BRS 610, BRS 655, BRS 800, BRS 810 e Ponta Negra) with seven replicates. When they reach 26.24kg of weight, the animals were sent to be slaughtered. Proceeded to the analysis of pH, color, cooking losses, shear force, determination of humidity, protein, ash and total amount of lipids in the Longissimus dorsi. The diets did not influence the parameters of pH (5.64), color (L*23.13, a* 18.00, b*15.78), cooking losses (34.43%), humidity (72.53%), protein (24.08%), ash (1.09%) or lipids (2.99%). The shear force differed among the diets, with the silage of cultivar BRS 655 providing a tender meat (2.10kgf/cm2). The sorghum silages used in in the diets did not interfere in the meat quality characteristics of feedlot lambs. Diets containing sorghum grain silage BRS 655 provided a tender meat.</p><p></p>