Measurements of femoral angles, femur length, and hip width in cat radiographs

ABSTRACT Femoral angle, femur length, and hip width were measured in radiographs of 92 intact domestic cats, males and females of mixed breed from the Center for Zoonosis Control of the Federal District. The animals showed no trauma, orthopedic diseases or angular deformities and had closed physeal lines. Accordingly, we measured aLPFA (anatomical lateral proximal femoral angle, aLDFA (anatomical lateral distal femoral angle), mLPFA (mechanical lateral proximal femoral angle), mLDFA (mechanical lateral distal femoral angle), IA (femoral inclination angle), FL (femur length) and HW (hip width) using ventrodorsal radiographs, with both hindlimbs in a single exposure to an X-ray beam centered on the hip. The mean values of the variables were: mLPFA: 82.5±3.62°; aLPFA: 80.1±4.29°; mLDFA: 96.1±3.51° (males) and 97.3±2.05° (females); aLDFA: 94,3±3.43°; IA: 136.6±3.86°; FL: 12.9±0.55cm (males) and 13.4±0.66cm (females); and HW: 3.1cm±0.23 (males) and 3.5±0.26cm (females). These values will serve as a reference for the diagnosis of angular deformities and as support for planning corrective osteotomies in domestic cats.