Mapping F Entry to RDF

<p>The mapping of the F Entry (i.e. Scheda F), the Italian content standard for cataloguing photographs, to RDF is based upon a subset of cataloguing elements described in the version 3.00 of the aforementioned standard, released by the <i>Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione (ICCD)</i>. </p><p>Although the F Entry may be mainly considered a national cataloguing reference, also international stakeholders can benefit from this mapping document, which is a set of shareable descriptive elements for photographs.</p> <p> The purpose of this mapping is indeed to ensure semantic interoperability among data providers want to publish their structured data about photographs in RDF as Linked Open Data. </p> <p>Therefore, this document provides a guidance to map metadata elements name to ontology terms as defined in well-known vocabularies, e.g., the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM), and by means of ontologies that have been appropriately developed for describing specific aspects of the F Entry standard. Hence, wherever needed, to avoid a lack of information, best suitable terms from other vocabularies have been adopted or created for the scope.</p><div> </div>