Map of migratory routes of great spotted cuckoos.

(A) Pre-migratory movements within Spain. (B) Post-breeding migration (C) Pre-breeding migration (D) Wintering area movements. Colors correspond to individual cuckoos, only cuckoos that left the breeding area are included in this map. The breeding area is shown by the yellow star. Symbols are stopover or staging area locations with a larger size corresponding to a longer duration of stay. To increase clarity, only stopovers with a minimum duration of 7 days are included. Line types & symbols correspond to different years (2013: long dash / diamond, 2014: solid / circle, 2015: short dash / pentagon). Black crosses indicate locations where birds were lost (apparent mortality). For clarity, 7 mortality events that occurred within the breeding area were omitted. Lines connect recorded locations but might not reflect actual flightpaths.