Manufacturing Performance Through the Recession

2017-06-05T06:54:20Z (GMT) by Pratt, Trevor Sohal, Amrik
This paper reflects on the performance of companies in the Moorabbin region through the recession, current business projections and the needs of industry to support these projections. This data and information have been collected and determined from a survey and interviews involving ninety-two SME's in the Moorabbin Project - a regional industry development project. The interpretations of the results and findings indicate that companies did suffer in the recession but in general the companies that remain in the Moorabbin area did not experience any major down turn during the recession. This was not the picture expected at the start of the Moorabbin project but provide support to the theories of regional industry economic dynamics, (separate project paper on Regional Industry Economic Dynamics). The paper concludes with comment on potential impediments to company growth arising from the correlation of survey results and interview findings in the context of company performance analysis.



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