Mandibular CT Dataset Collection

2019-09-16T02:46:06Z (GMT) by Jürgen Wallner Jan Egger
Mandibular CT Datasets. Please use the following citations if you use them in your work:

J. Wallner, J. Egger. Mandibular CT Dataset Collection. Figshare, 2018


J. Wallner, K. Hochegger, X. Chen, I. Mischak, K. Reinbacher, M. Pau, T. Zrnc, K. Schwenzer-Zimmerer, W. Zemann, D. Schmalstieg, J. Egger. Clinical evaluation of semi-automatic open-source algorithmic software segmentation of the mandibular bone: Practical feasibility and assessment of a new course of action. PLOS One, 2018.

Usage notes:
The data files attached with this manuscript can be opened in ImageJ with good results and can be displayed at full quality. The files can also be opened in Irfanview, but then the data do not display at full quality.