Macf1 localization and expression in macf1ap1CH1 and macf1ap2CH1CH2 mutants.

A-C) Macf1a immunostaining (red) in WT and macf1ap1CH1/macf1asa12708 and macf1ap2CH1CH2. N≥ 3 ovaries, 20 oocytes macf1ap1CH1/macf1asa12708 and 28 oocytes macf1ap2CH1CH2. D) AV polarity in WT and lack of polarity in macf1asa12708, macf1ap1CH1/macf1asa12708 and macf1ap2CH1CH2/macf1sa12708 mutant eggs, where the cytoplasm (arrowheads) surrounds the yolk instead of forming the blastodisc. Mutant macf1ap1CH1 females produced an incompletely penetrant egg phenotype. Late blastula embryos from macf1ap3PRD/ macf1sa12708 and macf1ap3PRD mutant females displayed normal AV polarity and development. Arrowheads in D indicate the egg cytoplasm. Scale bar: (A-C) 20 μm and (D) 100 μm.