MOESM8 of Enabling low cost biopharmaceuticals: high level interferon alpha-2b production in Trichoderma reesei

Additional file 8: Figure S7. Bioreactor data from cultivation of 9-protease deletion strains expressing IFNα-2b. Strains were grown in 20 g/L yeast extract, 40 g/L cellulose, 80 g/L cellobiose, 40 g/L sorbose, pH 4.5. Graphs show capacitance (top panel), base consumption (lower panel), and CO2 generation (both panels) as indicators for fungal growth. In the upper panel the capacitance data for M577 was not available and is not shown. In the figure legends dsep1 = Δsep1, dpep9 = Δpep9, etc. Growth of 9-protease deletion strains M671 (Δpep9), M673 (Δslp7), and M674 (Δamp2) is comparable to M577 control, whereas M668 (Δsep1) showed slightly elevated growth performance.