MOESM4 of “Gap hunting” to characterize clustered probe signals in Illumina methylation array data

Additional file 4: Table S2. Breakdown of all C/G and SBE site measured polymorphism scenarios. We isolated specifics scenarios in which the following conditions were met: a probe contained a measured SNP that mapped to the C, G, or SBE sites of a probe, and it also did not contain any other form of mapping SNP. This table contains a list of all SNP C, G and SBE site scenarios herein and their corresponding Figure #. Also included is the number of probes analyzed for each scenario, along with the count and proportion of those probes that were classified as gap signals. Most probes in SEED that overlapped with measured SNPs were not classified as gap signals (though ~80% of gap signals did overlap with SNPs, see Additional file 7).