MOESM2 of Establishment of molecular genetic approaches to study gene expression and function in an invasive hemipteran, Halyomorpha halys

Additional file 2: Figure 2. Conceptual translation and sequence comparison for H. halys genes isolated in this study. Translations of the isolated H. halys sequences are highlighted in yellow in each alignment. (A) Amino acid alignments for Hh-En and Inv. The isolated H. halys sequence does not encode the RS-motif which is characteristic of holometabolous Inv proteins (arrowhead). (B) Alignment of the homeodomain of several Eve proteins. (C) A cDNA encoding a 246 amino acid portion of Hh-Scr, including part of the homeodomain, was isolated. Scr amino acid alignment shows strong conservation around the YPWM motif and the homeodomain. The homeodomain N-terminal Scr signature sequence is highlighted in blue [74]. Species abbreviations are as follows: Bmor: Bombyx mori; Dmel: Drosophila melanogaster; Gbim:Gryllus bimaculatus; Hhal: Halyomorpha halys; Ofas: O. fasciatus fasciatus; Pame: Periplaneta americana; Sgre: Schistocerca gregaria; Tcas: Tribolium castaneum.