MOESM2 of Control of directionality of chromatin folding for the inter- and intra-domain contacts at the Tfap2c–Bmp7 locus

Additional file 2. Table S1. List of ENCODE files of the CTCF binding peaks used in the study. Table S2. List of the CRISPR target sequences and their genomic coordinates, using the mm9 assembly. Table S3. Combination of CRISPR targets used to introduce mutations in this study. The IDs of the targets are given in Additional File 2: Table S2. See also Additional File S1: Figure S4. Table S4. Primer pairs used to confirm the CRISPR mutations. Table S5. Primer pairs used for the qPCR assay. Table S6. Primers used to prepare the 4C-seq libraries. Table S7. List of the 4C-seq libraries prepared and analyzed in this study. The IDs of primers used for the 1st and 2nd PCR are given in Additional File 2: Table S6. Table S8. List of intervals utilized for counting mapped reads, and their coordinates using the mm9 assembly.