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MOESM1 of Construction and characterization of broad-host-range reporter plasmid suitable for on-line analysis of bacterial host responses related to recombinant protein production

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posted on 07.05.2019 by Agnieszka Gawin, Karl Peebo, Sebastian Hans, Helga Ertesvåg, Marta Irla, Peter Neubauer, Trygve Brautaset
Additional file 1: Table S1. Growth rates (h−1) of E. coli BW25113 cells carrying pAG032. Table S2. Efficiencies of qPCR reaction (%) and R2 coefficients of determination of the standard curves for primer pairs used for amplification. Figure S1. Iinfluence of m-toluic acid (1 mM) on activity of (A) the XylS/Pm (only pAG032), (B) PrspJ and (C) Pibpfxs reporter units during cultivation of E. coli BW25113 transformed with three-gene version of the plasmid (pAG032) and two-gene version of the plasmid (pAG028). Cell were grown in M63 medium supplemented with glucose. The OD600nm normalized fluorescence values were calculated from measurements taken at the time point corresponding to 3 h after the induction. The data presented are from three independent biological replica (average ± SD). Please note that values of OD normalized fluorescence, not relative fluorescence, are given.


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