MOESM10 of Histone modifications rather than the novel regional centromeres of Zymoseptoria tritici distinguish core and accessory chromosomes

Additional file 10: Table S6. Length of telomeric repeat sequences on core and accessory chromosomes. The length of the telomere repeat tracts (TTAGGG)n was determined from the available genome sequence. As sequencing into chromosome ends leaves some uncertainty about the true length of telomeres in Z. tritici, these data are included to show that there are no significant differences between the currently available sequence from core and accessory chromosomes. Near TTAGGG repeat sequences abutting the telomere tracts are also shown. Overall, core chromosomes have slightly longer telomeres than accessory chromosomes (133 bp vs. 118 bp) with 2.5 additional repeats (22.3 vs. 19.8 repeats/telomere).