Lower limb self-care among diabetic insulin users

Abstract Introduction: Lower limb neuropathy is one the complications of diabetes mellitus and the most common cause of lower limb amputation. Hence information and self-care advice should be provided to primary healthcare patients to prevent this condition. Objective: To explore insulin users’ knowledge of foot self-care. Methods: This quantitative, descriptive, exploratory study was conducted at a Family Health Unit Curitiba-PR of Curitiba, PR, Brazil. The study sample comprised 63 insulin users. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire. Results: Although they reported performing self-care activities, 67% (n = 42) of insulin users declared that they had never received any information on foot self-care. Conclusion: The adherence to self-care practices shown by respondents and the patient empowerment observed in this study indicate the effectiveness of the information on diabetes self-care imparted to patients registered at this health care unit in contributing to the promotion of quality of life.