Lignans and secoiridoid glycosides from the stem barks of <i>Jasminum tortuosum</i>

<p>This paper reports on the first phytochemical analysis ever performed on <i>Jasminum tortuosum</i> Willd. This analysis, mainly carried out by means of column chromatography separation, NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, led to the isolation and the identification of four compounds, namely the lignans ginkgool (<b>1</b>) and olivil-4′-<i>O</i>-β-glucopyranoside (<b>2</b>) and the secoiridoids oleoside dimethyl ester (<b>3</b>) and oleoside 11-methyl ester (<b>4</b>). The presence of these compounds is significant from a chemotaxonomic point of view, confirming the correct botanical classification of the species and, from a phytochemical standpoint, may suggest its possible use in the ethno-medicinal field.</p>