Levels of parasitemia and antigenuria in <i>T</i>. <i>cruzi</i>/HIV co-infected patients.

<p>A.) Levels of parasitemia determined by qPCR in <i>T</i>. <i>cruzi</i>/HIV co-infected patients. B.) Levels of antigenuria determined by Chunap in the three groups of <i>T</i>. <i>cruzi</i>/HIV co-infected patients. Levels of parasitemia: High parasitemia = positive by PCR and microscopy, Moderate parasitemia = positive by PCR, and negative by microscopy, Negative parasitemia = negative by PCR and microscopy but positive by serology, and No Chagas = negative by microscopy, PCR and serology. Bottom and top limits of the boxes correspond to first and third quartiles, and the line inside the boxes represents the second quartile (median). P-values were calculated using T-test with equal variances. * Statistically significant difference.</p>