LeBel & Gawronski (2009, EJP)

2014-08-21T16:00:27Z (GMT) by Etienne P. LeBel
<p>Data and SPSS syntax underlying LeBel & Gawronski (2009, EJP) wherein the optimality of 5 different name-letter task (NLT) scoring algorithms were scrutinized based on 18 samples totalling N=2690 ( _ALL_18_LETTER_RESULTS_final_ANALYSIS_forFigshare.sav and _NLEreliabilities_forFigshare.sps). Based on the evidence, we recommend the I-algorithm (NLTi) as most optimal for use in research using the NLT to assess implicit self-esteem.</p> <p> </p> <p>Also included is an SPSS syntax file (and example input and output files) to automatically calculate NLT scores (and reliability estimates) from raw letter ratings.</p> <p> </p> <p>Also included are materials for the typical administration of the NLT measure (basic parameters included in materials_NLT_instructions.doc and a MediaLab/DirectRT implementation of it in materials__NLT.zip).</p>