LOOTING IN ARGENTINA: some clues for its comprehension based on the episodes of Córdoba – 2013

2017-05-01T03:11:00Z (GMT) by Adrián Scribano Pedro Lisdero
<p></p><p>Continuing with a series of reflections that are situated between the studies of collective action, ideological criticism and the sociology of bodies and emotions, this study proposes to explain lootings in Argentina as phenomena associated with policies of particular sensitivities. In order to do this, this study revises the different ways of understanding the lootings; later, it reconstructs – from different secondary sources – an approximation of the “history of the spoliations” in Argentina, describing and establishing proximities and distances with the episode that occurred in Cordova in 2013. Finally, some possible interpretations of this episode are developed due to the analysis of qualitative material (observation and actors’ testimony). In the conclusion, it is emphasized the way in which lootings conceive the “unreason” of some particular practices of feeling, which can be described in the relationship between flow, mass, anger and vertigo. From there, some clues are synthesized for future analysis.</p><p></p>