Julia codes for "Spatial memory shapes density dependence in population dynamics"

Here are provided all Julia functions (v 0.3.9) necessary to run the model presented in Riotte-Lambert, L., Benhamou, S., Bonenfant, C. and S. Chamaillé-Jammes. 2017. Spatial memory shapes density dependence in population dynamics<i>. Proceedings of the Royal Society B </i>20171411<i>. </i>http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2017.1411<i><br><br></i>Open "exampleRun.jl" to run the model with default parameters.<i><br><br></i>All details on the inputs and outputs of the functions are given as comments in the Julia scripts.<br><br><i>Quick description (see the article for more details)</i><br>To understand the extent to which memory-based foraging movements may affect density-dependent population dynamics through its impact on competition, we developed a spatially-explicit, individual-based movement model where reproduction and death are functions of foraging efficiency.<br><br><i><br><br></i>