Journal abbreviations from Web of Science

2016-05-11T09:14:25Z (GMT) by Alistair G Auffret
This is a list of all the journal abbreviations from Web of Science. It is not a perfect list, not least because of the numerous errors in the Web of Science list. However, it was quite a fast way of getting most of the nearly 90 000 journal titles and abbreviations into jabref, and could be useful for other bibliographic systems and/or doing it manually.

This was created using R (the only "programming language" i know), extracting the abbreviations from the web of science lists ( 

Feel free to help with improvements!


wos_abbrev_table.csv - Table with full names and abbreviations, with and without dots in abbreviations.

jabref_wos_abbrev.txt - Abbreviation table in Jabref format

- Abbreviation table in Jabref format, with dots.

wos_abbrev_code.R -  R code used to create the list. Thanks to Daniel Graeber ( for inspiration and guidance regarding the addition of dots to abbreviated journal names.