Interfaces, gaps and challenges between bioethics and oncology

Abstract Bioethics and oncology are interdisciplinary areas that aim at the integral understanding of the human being. This article made a survey of studies on interface between these areas, identifying possible contributions, gaps and emerging challenges. We carried out an integrative review that sought the descriptors “oncology” or “cancer”; “bioethics” or “ethics”, and found 29 articles. The discussions referred to the knowledge or application of principles of bioethics in oncology; difficulties in the physician-patient communication; and ethical standards in research. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee the application of bioethics’ principles; to increase investment in the formal teaching of bioethics, to improve interpersonal and physician-patient communication skills; and to disseminate bioethics to the general population. It is hoped that this study will give continuity of those already carried out, and that new interests will arise on the subject.