Integration of Pyrolysis and Entrained-flow Gasification for Victorian Brown Coal: Experimental and Process Modelling Approaches

2018-01-11T03:43:37Z (GMT) by BAIQIAN DAI
The utilization of Victorian brown coal (VBC) is restricted domestically due to its high moisture content and handling difficultly. A stepwise pyrolysis and gasification technology was developed to promote VBC utilization in entrained flow gasifier. The process simulation was conducted using Aspen Plus, where a higher efficiency process was achieved based on exergy analysis. The co-gasification for VBC and bituminous coal has been studied experimentally in terms of reactivity and ash slagging propensity. The completion of this project provides theoretical reference and technical support for VBC industrial gasification applications. It also broadens the utilization range for low-rank fuels in the carbon-constrained future.