Injectable and biodegradable temperature-responsive mixed polymer systems providing variable gel-forming pH regions

<p>Aqueous solutions of biodegradable polymers exhibiting sol-to-gel transitions in response to external stimuli such as temperature and pH are expected to be used as injectable polymers (IPs) for biomedical applications. In this study, we prepared novel biodegradable temperature-responsive IP systems providing variable gel-forming pH regions. We synthesized PCGA-<i>b</i>-PEG-<i>b</i>-PCGA (tri-PCG) and attached carboxylic acid or primary amine groups on both termini, tri-PCG-COOH and tri-PCG-NH<sub>2</sub>, and investigated the temperature-responsive sol-to-gel transition behavior of the mixtures of these two copolymers at various pHs. We found that the gel-forming pH region of the mixed system could be easily controlled by simply changing the mixing ratios of these polymers.</p>