Initial exploratory results of examination via feasible sets

2013-02-05T13:48:23Z (GMT) by Kenneth Locey
<p>This document contains exploratory results of examinations of diverse distributions of wealth against the central tendencies of their feasible sets (i.e. the average of shapes of the distribution of wealth for a given total and number of entities). These exploratory results are part of a broader body of my research that investigates whether patterns like distributions of wealth and abundance are similar to the average of all possible patterns. The table reveals the R-squared values of comparing observed distributions of wealth or abundance to the average of the feasible set (i.e. the shape of the distribution having the most in common with other possible shapes) around the 1:1 observed vs. predicted line. Hence, the table reveals the percent of variation in the distribution of wealth or abundance for various systems that is explained by the average of all possible distributions.</p>