Inhibition of <i>brorin</i> function in zebrafish embryos.

<p>(A) The coding region of <i>brorin</i> is divided into two introns, with open boxes and black lines indicating exons and introns, respectively. MO indicates the target position of <i>brorin</i> MO. (B) <i>brorin</i> cDNA was amplified from the cDNA of wild-type embryos or <i>brorin</i> MO-injected embryos by RT-PCR using the P1 and P2 primers, the positions of which are indicated by arrows (A). (C) The nucleotide sequences of <i>brorin</i> cDNAs were elucidated. Numbers show the nucleotide sequence of the coding region and amino acid sequence, and arrowheads indicate splice sites between exons one and two. (D-G) Lateral views of control MO-injected (D), <i>brorin</i> MO1-injected (E), <i>brorin</i> MO2-injected (F), and <i>brorin</i> MO1- and <i>brorin</i> RNA-injected (G) embryos at 24 hpf. Arrows and arrowheads indicate the tectal ventricle and telencephalic ventricle, respectively. di, diencephalon; mb, midbrain; te, telencephalon.</p>