Information and value: Conceptual interrelations and the formation of evaluative types of information

2017-12-01T03:03:34Z (GMT) by Jonathas Luiz Carvalho SILVA
<p></p><p>Abstract The article deals with the interrelationships between information and value with an intrinsic relation between the two terms. The starting point of the article is the following question: What are the interrelationships between information and value and how do these interrelations produce an impact on the production of types of evaluative information? The objective is to address the underlying fundamentals of the concept of value by perceiving how these concepts interrelate to the concept of information and considering the formation of the types of evaluative information in the causal and consequential context. The methodology was based on a bibliographical research in dialogue with different documentary literature on the concepts of value and information, both in Information Science and related areas such as Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, History, Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Communication, among others. It may be concluded a perspective of social construction based on interactions that stimulate the decision making of the subjects. that the interrelationship between information and value is developed by causal and consequential issues; these issues observed from a coordinated point of view are one of the main phenomena that promote the dynamics and construction of information among the subjects (rever texto original).</p><p></p>