Influence of the Transport of Sea Spray on the Salinization of the Semiarid Region Waters (Bahia, Brazil)

The sea spray can be transported to long distances, reaching the semiarid regions. In this work, the rainwater and the atmospheric particulate matter were characterized by investigating the presence of sea spray in the atmosphere of the semiarid region of Bahia, Brazil, aiming to study the influence of its transport on the salinization of the waters of the region. Stable isotopes of deuterium and oxygen-18 were also determined in the rain as environmental tracers, evaluating the isotopic ratios 18O/16O and D/H. The atmosphere of the region suffers marine influence, as well as resuspended soil particles and anthropogenic sources. The results demonstrate that the amount of sea spray which reaches the region is insufficient to interfere at the groundwater composition and the cause of its salinization should be attributed to the local geology and the evaporation and salt concentration process due to the high temperatures found in the region.